Open Education Resources (OER) Checklist

LDT300x: Instructional Design:

Digital Media, New Tools and Technology

Published: Oct. 16, 2019

This checklist of criteria to use in evaluating digital content was a work-in-progress during the 4-course program. It served as a ongoing developmental effort to identify elements, ideas, and criteria to determine if the OER or original content  will support a learning objective.

Note: Checklist shell, as well as applications of the checklist, are contained in the same file, which is  downloadable here. The documents were created in Word, converted to PDF, and merged into one file. Updates to checklist since last version are indicated in RED.

Media evaluated Week 1: Story Spine:

Media evaluated Week 2: Digital Document created for LDT300x class

Media evaluated Week 3: Flier with Images created for LDT300x class

FINAL digital-media evaluation accompanying LDT 300x Signature Assignment and embedded below: