LDT300x Signature Assignment

LDT300x: Instructional Design:

Digital Media, New Tools and Technology

Published: Nov. 15, 2019
Because this project was the culminating assignment for the Digital Media, New Tools and Technology course, learners were expected to apply the theories, strategies, and skills learned during the course to design and create digital content for a specific learning experience. This project combined elements from the Learning Theories course and Instructional Design Models course, as well. Learners were asked to design an online learning experience, identify a learning gap or instructional need, and then identify or create specific digital media to support content knowledge development to overcome the gap.
The Signature Assignment was required to include:

Statement of the learning gap (instructional need) that the developed content will help overcome. 
Description of an instructional strategy on how the content can be infused into a learning experience.
The following digital content:
  • Digital document (ebook, infographic, interactive text)
  • Original digital video published online with closed captioning (non-auto generated),
  • Enhanced Digital Images (at least 2 images) that learner has created or edited in some manner (see PDF embedded below)
  • Interactive (adaptive type) module
  • At least two Open Educational Resources to support identified content (see PDF embedded below)
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