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LDT 100x: Instructional Design and Technology: Learning Theories
Comparing Learning Theories Personal Learning Experiences Authentic Assessment Micro-Learning Sample

LDT 200x: Instructional Design Models
Learning Module + Pitch
LDT 300x: Instructional Design: Digital Media, New Tools and Technology   Graphic-design Samples Video Sample Screencast Sample Audio Sample Interactive Module Course Authoring in Sutori
LDT 400x: Instructional Design Course Evaluation & Capstone Project Full, 3-Week Course Design/ Articulate RISE

Post-Micromasters Work

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Audio Sample

LDT300x: Instructional Design:

Digital Media, New Tools and Technology

Published: Oct. 30, 2019
Learners were asked to create an audio file to supplement a single objective or learning activity. Critical elements included:

            Instructional Need/Objective
            Learning Activity audience
            URL for audio file

Instructional Need/Objective: Help learners identify quality accomplishment stories

Learning Activity audience: Upcoming and new college graduates.

URL of audio file in my portfolio: http://katharinehansenphd.com/InstructionalDesignTechnologyPortfolio/DigitalAudio.html

NOTE: In retrospect, I would have used a different tool for recording audio. I used Zoom as my recording platform because I knew it would produce an audio file (albeit .m4a format), and I'm very comfortable working in Zoom; however, the resulting audio was not the best quality and sounded a bit muffled.

Audio Slide