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Samples + Deliverables

LDT 100x: Instructional Design and Technology: Learning Theories
Comparing Learning Theories Personal Learning Experiences Authentic Assessment Micro-Learning Sample

LDT 200x: Instructional Design Models
Learning Module + Pitch
LDT 300x: Instructional Design: Digital Media, New Tools and Technology   Graphic-design Samples Video Sample Screencast Sample Audio Sample Interactive Module Course Authoring in Sutori
LDT 400x: Instructional Design Course Evaluation & Capstone Project Full, 3-Week Course Design/ Articulate RISE

Post-Micromasters Work

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Intro + Learning Philosophy

LDT200x: Instructional Design Models

Published Set. 4, 2019

Given that I took the 4 courses in the program slightly out of order, this was my first project in the Micromasters Program. The mandate was to use a multimedia application to create an introduction, analyze the history of learning trends and corresponding results, and describe a personal learning philosophy. We were to note significant events or incidents that have shaped our personal approach.

Transcript available here.