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Strategies for Planning Writing Assignments

I use Grammarly’s plagiarism checker because I’m an original and expect my students to be, too. If you fear or loathe writing assignments, this post will help you by providing strategies for effectively tackling a typical college writing assignment. For many students, writing is the most difficult part of attaining academic success. Some have little difficulty […]

“All I Wanted to Do Was Teach Online:” Q&A with Leslie Bowman

In my continuing quest to establish myself as an online instructor, I’m doing as much as I can to learn about the nuances of this mode of teaching. Since January, I’ve belonged to a terrific networking group, ExclusiveEDU, based on Facebook. To further educate myself, I’m conducting occasional Q&As with members of the group, some […]

A Journey to Online Teaching

I am a nascent online educator, teaching Principles of Management through StraighterLine and awaiting a course assignment from Allied American University. While this phase of my teaching career is young, I am confident I will learn, grow, and improve. As a classroom college instructor for 6.5 years, my hallmark was continuous improvement. In fact, my […]

Nine-time Author Dr. Katharine Hansen Joins Professor Direct Program

StraighterLine announced today that Dr. Katharine Hansen has joined the growing list of proven educators who are leading online college courses at StraighterLine. StraighterLine students now have the choice of three for-credit course types: self-paced courses with or without a professor, or cohort-based courses led by a professor. Hansen’s Principles of Management course takes the […]

Social Media Resume

My Social Media Resume is where I’ve gathered in one place many of the ways I am socially constructing my online identity. I got the idea for a Social Media Resume from Bryan Person’s social media resume, although I actually modeled this one more on the Social Media Bio of Rohit Bhargava. Dan Schawbel featured all these social-media resumes, plus his […]

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