Top 10 Features Guests Love at Hansen Woodland Farm

  • Location: On 40 beautiful, trail-laden acres a mile from the Lake Roosevelt (Columbia River) Recreation Area and 3 miles from the Colville National Forest. Near many hiking, boating, and fishing spots.
  • Decor: This is the decor of bright, jewel-toned colors you never dared try at home.
Accented with books and art, Hansen Woodland Farm is a treat for the eye. (You probably still won’t try the bold colors at home, but some guests have said they’ve taken home ideas. One recent visitor said: “The decorations and colors in the home were spectacular. It mirrors the look and feel I am trying to create in my own home.”)
  • The fully equipped quality. One guest remarked, “If you can’t find it here, you don’t need it.”
  • Fun amenities for kids and families. Puzzles, games, kid videos, access to host’s playground, friendly goats, firepit.
  • Quiet and seclusion: Many guests comment on how quiet it is here; yet, you are not too remote (about 15 miles) from neighbors, shopping, and restaurants.
  • Pet-friendly: Happy to accommodate your dog(s). Haven’t had other pets yet, but I’m game!
  • Wildlife. You are sure to have visits from deer, wild turkeys, and a variety of birdlife.
  • Roman-soaking tub. This relaxing feature of the master bathroom is very popular!
  • Service-orientation to guests. My business model is relentless guest service. I am all about happy guests. Hansen Woodland Farm is consistently rated No. 1 of nearly 30 area listings by Your Porter, indicating 100 percent guest satisfaction.
  • Did I mention the friendly goats?

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