Resources to Accompany Gardening Columns for South Stevens County Times

March 2024

Information on Seed Packets, Penn State University Extension

Understanding the Seed Packet, University of Nebraska Extension

Seed packet info is a gardener’s guide, Oregon State University Extension

8 Things to Look for on a Seed Packet, Horticulture magazine

October 2023

Fall Gardening Tasks, Thurston County Master Gardeners

Seed Saving, Spokane County Master Gardeners

September 2023

Planting Trees and Shrubs in the Landscape

Tips for preparing landscape trees and shrubs for winter

Garden Tasks Calendar

August 2023

Create New Garden Beds with Sheet Composting and Sheet Mulching, by Debra C. Burrows, Ph.D.

The Myth of Paper-Based Sheet Mulch, by Linda Chalker-Scott, PhD

July 2023

Choosing and maintaining your gardening tools, 30:22-min video from WSU Master Gardeners Karla Salp and Andie Goff.

Gardening Tool Care and Maintenance, by Kathy Wolfe

Master Gardener Q&A – Readying Your Garden Tools

June 2023

Charles Dowding, UK proponent of No-Dig Gardening

Video Charlie Nardozzi: The Complete Guide to No-Dig Gardening

Nardozzi authored a book of the same name and is featured in a podcast episode

May 2023

Tips for Participating in No-Mow-May

No Mow May, Low Mow Spring FAQs

Lawrence research, led by Israel Del Toro, gives No Mow May a moment in the sun

No Mow May

No Mow May: Is it a good idea?

April 2023

Adapting to Change: A Pacific Northwest Gardener’s Perspective, by Deborah Phare

Growing Resilience: Garden Planning for a Changing Climate, Sky Nursery

Climate change is shifting gardeners’ guide to choosing the right plant for the right place, Kim Pokorny

Climate change affecting plants and trees in home gardens, by Allison Frost

March 2023

Linda Chalker-Scott, PhD

David Montgomery and Anne Biklé

C. Colston Burrell

Charlie Nardozzi

Online Educator