Chapters and Content Contributed to Books Written by Others

Documentation of contributions I’ve made to books authored by people other than myself.

  • Hansen, K. (2018). “No time for fear; too busy making guests happy,” in Short Term Rental Success Stories From the Edge, Volume 1: Conquering and Crushing Fear in Today’s Sharing Economy, by Matt Malouf et al.
  • Hansen, K. (2014). “Storytelling in Online Education,” in Modern Instructor: Success Strategies for the Online Professor, by Dani Babb, Tara Ross, et al.
  • Hansen, K. (2013). “Food as Fuel for Sunrise Bike Rides and Nature as Fuel for the Spirit,” in Bicycling for Food—Stories from the Intersection of Cycling, Food and Sustainability, by Kimberly Burnham.
  • Hansen, K. (2012). “Resume, Cover Letter, and Interview Strategies for Older Workers,” in The Single Woman’s Guide to Retirement, by Jan Cullinane, Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.
  • Hansen, K. (2010). “Splitting your Twitter accounts into personal and professional,” in The Twitter Job Search Guide: Find a Job and Advance Your Career in Just 15 Minutes a Day, by Susan Britton Whitcomb, Chandlee Bryan, and Deb Dib, Indianapolis, IN: JIST Works.
  • Hansen, K. (2008, May). “Job Strategies for Teens,” in Quest 2, Student’s Book, by Cynthia Beyea, Paul Bougie, and Claire Maria Ford, Montreal, Quebec: Les Editions de la Cheneliere.
  • Hansen, K. (2006). “FAQs about Thank You Letters.” in Communications 12. Module 3: Workplace Communication that Works. Victoria, BC, Canada: Open School BC, pp. 92-94.
  • Hansen, K. (2005). “So, what have you achieved? Tell me about it, otherwise how will I know?” In Michael, D. (2005), Hire me, fire me …, Sydney, Australia: Wondu Holdings.
  • Hansen, K. (2004), “10 Powerful Career Strategies for Women” in Women in Business, V. V. Ramani, (ed.), Hyderabad, India: ICFAI Books, pp. 71-79.
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  • Hansen, K. “Ace the Job Interview,” in GirlWise by Julia DeVillers, (2002), Roseville, CA: Prima Publishing, pp. 108-112.
  • Hansen, K. “What Good is a College Education Anyway?” in Teen Decisions: Education and College, (Fall 2002), Farmington Hills, MI: Gale Group.
  • Hansen, K. “Informational Interviewing for College Students” in The Last Job Search Guide You’ll Ever Need, (2002), (eds.), Minneapolis, MN:, pp. 263-266.
  • “Early Identification and Education of Gifted Children,” (1990), (with Waln Brown), booklet, Huntington, NY: William Gladden Foundation.

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