The Toastmasters International organization has played a major role in my life since 2010. I joined Toastmasters in September of that year because I sought a social outlet after my ex and I moved to Washington state from Florida. He and I were both working at home for the first time, and I feared we would drive each other nuts if at least one of us didn’t have a social outlet. I knew about Toastmasters and used to recommend it to my business-communication students. What I didn’t know was that Toastmasters places at least as much emphasis on leadership as it does on communication, and the leadership path was what I unexpectedly undertook. Starting as a club officer in my home club, Colville Toastmasters, I got some attention for the newsletter I created and was tapped into district leadership in 2012. I served two years as District Public Relations Officer (now called Public Relations Manager) and then entered the district “Trio,” the top three leaders in the district, through which I progressed into the top position, District Director. In 2014, I had also attained the highest designation in Toastmasters, Distinguished Toastmaster.

PS: As you have probably guessed, using Toastmasters as a social outlet to improve my marriage was moot since the marriage failed six years later.

Here I’m sharing highlights of my Toastmasters experience and reflecting on the valuable competencies I have polished as a result of my leadership journey.

Toastmasters Leadership and Accomplishments

Immediate Past District Director and Past District Director, 2017-present

  • Named Volunteer of the Year, 2017-2018
  • Chaired Training event and Annual Awards ceremony, Oct. 2018
  • Chaired 2018 conference.
  • Chaired Nominating Committee (District Leadership Committee)
  • Served as Area Director
  • Served as a a sponsor of a new club, Well Spokane.
  • Served on successful campaigns of International Director Region 1 Mary Morrison and Second Vice President Margaret Page.
  • Chair International Director campaign of Monnica Rose, 2019-2020.

District Director, 2016-2017

  • Created online system designed to capture information for Moments of Truth, Club Success Plan, and Area Club Visit report.
  • Delivered weekly video podcasts.
  • Stepped up recognition efforts.
  • Supported Program Quality Director’s vision for enhanced training.
  • Secured 2 large donations for prison clubs.

Program Quality Director, 2015-2016

  • Trained 77 percent of club officers in first round of officer training.
  • Conceptualized and executed multi-district summit meeting about prison clubs. Initiated Facebook group for prison-club volunteers worldwide.
  • Requested and attained for district $14,000 contribution for prison clubs from private donor.
  • Successfully initiated district’s first successful December officer training, along with Speech Contest Boot Camp.
  • Oversaw synergy between Faculty Club, the district-wide advanced club whose mission is to train trainers, and officer training, thus providing quality trainers for TLIs and more.
  • Initiated incentives for education awards, leadership, and training.
  • Refreshed “Ask Me About Toastmasters” word-of-mouth membership campaign and education-recognition program aimed at retention.
  • Oversaw successful Fall 2015 Conference and launch of Spring 2016 Conference, as well as Fall 2015 speech-contest season.
  • Enhanced presence of clubs in Spokane, North Idaho, Tri-Cities, and Yakima on MeetUp and recruited MeetUp reps from each club.
  • Served as primary author of District Success Plan.
  • Developed Leadership Pipeline.

Lieutenant Governor Marketing, 2014-2015

  • Planted seeds for 20 new clubs. some of which chartered in the following year.
  • Ensured that clubs renewed with at least 8 members during renewal periods.
  • Launched “Ask Me About Toastmasters” word-of-mouth membership campaign.
  • Conceptualized and executed launch of The Faculty Club advanced club for training members to give TLI presentations and other trainings.
  • Launched district Speakers Bureau.
  • Initiated education-recognition program aimed at retention.
  • Play key role in International Director and International Officer visits to district.

Additional highlights of Toastmasters Experience:

  • Top education-award earner district-wide, with 8 awards, for 2014-2015.
  • Two terms as District Public-Relations Officer, 2012-2013 and 2013-2014
  • Division C Governor, Aug. 2013-June 2014
  • Conference Education Chair, Coeur d’Alene, Fall 2014
  • Conference Registration Consultant, Wenatchee, Fall 2013, and Pasco, Spring 2014
  • Conference Registration Chair, Moscow, Spring 2013
  • Conference Publicity and Registration Chair, Spokane, Fall 2012
  • Conference Education Chair, Pendleton, Spring 2012
  • Sponsor, Fairchild Toastmasters [chartered 6-23-14]
  • VP Education, Faculty Club, 2015-2016
  • Secretary, Colville Toastmasters, 2015-2016, 2014-2015
  • President, Colville Toastmasters, 2013-2014 [President’s Distinguished that year]
  • Vice President/Public Relations Colville Toastmasters [President’s Distinguished every year since 2011-2012], Jan. 2011-June 2013
  • Re-established District newsletter.
  • Created District Facebook group.
  • Built District MeetUp presence.
  • Developed District publicity plan.
  • Attained numerous media placements for District news items.
  • Oversaw 3 district publicity campaigns annually, including open houses, communication/leadership workshops, and Speechcraft.
  • Initiated District’s first online registration system for conferences.
  • Supported conference publicity efforts.
  • Developed District-wide media outreach list.
  • Oversaw enhancement of District Web site, including resources and photo galleries.
  • Conducted audit of community-club Web presence and educated clubs on importance of Web presence and online findability.
  • Developed collection of club publicity resources.
  • Created model for employer outreach.
  • Documented numerous District events with photos.
  • Attained $3,000 radio grant.
  • Developed and presented innovative job-seeker-targeted modification to Speechcraft curriculum in partnership with WorkSource.

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