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This page is about how I seek balance in my life. I work hard but do try to engage in activities other than work.

I'll be adding photos and links to illustrate my balance activities and interests. Here are links to sites about big trips in 2007, 2008, and 2009, and the building of our house in Kettle Falls:
The building of our house, "Empowering Retreat" in Kettle Falls, WA [slideshow/video]
Our life in beautiful Kettle Falls, WA
KettleFalls 2009
Northern Cross-Country RV Trip and Washington Land Purchase, Sept.-Oct. 2008
Celebrating Our Land
Cross-Country RV Trip, June 2007
Grand Canyon
South Pacific Trip, January 2007
My family and its history is another interest.
A site dedicated to the memory of my dad, W. Dayton Sumner
WDS Page
One hobby is re-purposing old furniture and applying various painting techniques. I hope to sell a few pieces and will build a Web site for that purpose.
Resilient Furniture Creations by Kat [under construction]
Resilient Furniture Creations

Among the things I like to do when not working are:
  • bicycling
  • RV travel
  • crafts, especially furniture painting
  • container gardening
  • collecting teapots
  • splashing through puddles

Things that interest me (beyond or overlapping with professional interests):
  • animals
  • office supplies, storage bins, and computer storage devices
  • intuition
  • TV, movies, pop culture

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