Kathy Hansen Q&A/FAQs about Kathy
Q: What is your personal Web site all about? Are you selling something? Do you offer services? Why would I be interested in Katharine Hansen?

A: While my personal site is to some degree for my own amusement and a place for me to construct my online brand and identity, I am somewhat interested in offering my services. Among the services a visitor might be interested in:

  • freelance writing projects
  • book authoring
  • ghostwriting and editing
  • speechwriting
  • teaching and presenting to college students and adults
  • speaking engagements on career-development topics
  • higher-education accreditation writing/editing projects
  • academic editing in APA style (not dissertations)
  • presenting workshops on storytelling as a way to change one's life
  • reviewing books and academic journal articles
  • delivering online instruction

Q: How did you get interested in storytelling?

A: While I believe that narrative has resonated with me for most of my life, I became fascinated with storytelling during my PhD program. In an organizational-behavior class that focused on postmodernism, I learned that storytelling is being used as a communication tool in organizations. I became mesmerized by applied storytelling and started blogging about the topic in 2005 at A Storied Career. I consider myself to still be learning; I want to pursue many more endeavors with storytelling.

Q: What other topics do you write about?

A: I primarily write about career-development topics and have written hundreds of articles and several books in this area. I write about academic issues affecting college students, such as study skills and college writing. You can see some of those writings here. I've written speeches, academic journal articles, and higher-education accreditation (AACSB) documentation.

Q: You hold a certification as a Master Resume Writer. Do you write resumes?

A: I operated a resume-writing service for five years but now write resumes only for a select, high-end clientele, mostly by referral. I also enjoy writing academic CVs and welcome CV projects.

Q: What are your teaching areas of specialization?

A: Management, organizational behavior, organizational communication, business communication, entrepreneurship, and career development.

Q: What else should I know about Katharine Hansen?

A: You can probably find out most of what you might like to know here or here

Q: What do you do when you're not working?

A: I enjoy bicycling, reading, popular culture (movies and TV), social media, collecting teapots, container gardening, crafts, and fine dining.

Q: I have a question you haven't answered.

A: Feel free to e-mail me to ask.

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